Transport at Nanoscale Interfaces

Research Infrastructure

Research Infrastructure

The laboratory provides high-level services in the fields of hybrid nanoscale interfacesmicro- and nanostructures, and measurement technology. The following is a selection of available processes and equipment.
  • Nondestructive evaluation
  • Battery testing
  • Measuring devices for electrical characterization
  • EMV/ESD facilities
  • Wafer Prober
  • Power Electronic tester 


  • Defect analysis / failure analysis
  • Monitoring und Labor automation (HW/SW)
  • Environmental chambers (Testkammern mit korrosiver Atmosphäre)



  • X-Ray microscope
  • Gallium FIB
  • Helium FIB
  • Electron microscope
  • EMMI/OBIRCH equipment


Software Development / Laboratory Automation

  • LabView software development
  • FPGA software development (VHDL)
  • Support of selecting hardware components for measurement and automation tasks (Motor stages, Cameras, DAQ systems, Sensors ...)
  • Creating LabView device drivers for 3rd party hardware components (DLLs, .NET, ActiveX ...)
  • Device communication (Serial, Ethernet, CAN, GPIB ...)
  • Image Acquisition & Processing

Thermal Methods

  • Temperature measurement
  • IR-technology




Transport at Nanoscale Interfaces Laboratory

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Open positions:

Tenure Track Group Leader in Nanomaterials Spectroscopy & Photonics (pdf)

PhD (pdf) and Postdoc (pdf) on Exotic electron and phonon transport regimes in patterned 2D systems

Phd on Exotic electron and phonon transport regimes in patterned 2D systems