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Effect of neutron irradiation on the structural, electrical and optical properties evolution of RPLD VO2 films

Madiba IG, Émond N, Chaker M, Khanyile BS, Tadadjeu SI, Zolliker P, Izerrouken M, Matinise N, Braun A, Nkosi M & Maaza M

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms, 443, 25-30.

In-situ formation of one-dimensional coordination polymers in molecular junctions

Anton Vladyka, Mickael L. Perrin, Jan Overbeck, Rubén R. Ferradás, Víctor García-Suárez, Markus Gantenbein, Jan Brunner, Marcel Mayor, Jaime Ferrer and Michel Calame

Nature Communications 10, 262 (2019)


Joining with reactive nano-multilayers: influence of thermal properties of components on joint microstructure and mechanical performance.

Rheingans, B., Spies, I., Schumacher, A., Knappmann, S., Furrer, R., Jeurgens, L. P. H., & Janczak-Rusch, J. 

Applied Sciences, 9(2), 262 (11 pp.). 2019

Sn-decorated Cu for selective electrochemical CO2 to CO conversion: precision architecture beyond composition design

Ju, W., Zeng, J., Bejtka, K., Ma, H., Rentsch, D., Castellino, M., Sacco, A., Pirri, C. F., Battaglia, C.  

ACS Applied Energy Materials. (2019)

Physical vapour deposition of cyanine salts and their first application in organic electronic devices

Gesevičius, D., Neels, A., Duchêne, L., Hack, E., Heier, J., & Nüesch, F.

Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 7(2), 414-423., Issue 2, 2019

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