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Transport at Nanoscale Interfaces Laboratory

Our interdisciplinary team gathers physicists, materials scientists, (bio-) chemists, and engineers focusing on bringing novel materials to devices. We are interested in understanding the fundamental electronic, optoelectronic, thermal and ionic transport processes involved in atomically-precise nanostructures and low-dimensional materials. The heterogeneous integration of novel nanomaterials requires custom-made methods for nanoscale patterning and interfaces nanostructuring. Overall, we strive to master the chain of competences leading from designer materials with tailored quantum properties to devices with targeted application in information & quantum technology, energy conversion & storage as well as biochemical sensing & diagnostics.



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Transport at Nanoscale Interfaces Laboratory

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Recent publications

Tuning MXene Properties through Cu Intercalation: Coupled Guest/Host Redox and Pseudocapacitance

Shianlin Wee, Xiliang Lian, Evgeniya Vorobyeva, Akhil Tayal, Vladimir Roddatis, Fabio La Mattina, Dario Gomez Vazquez, Netanel Shpigel, Mathieu Salanne, and Maria R. Lukatskaya

ACS Nano (2024)

Electric field tunable bandgap in twisted double trilayer graphene

Perrin, M. L., Jayaraj, A., Ghawri, B., Watanabe, K., Taniguchi, T., Passerone, D., Calame M. & Zhang, J.

npj 2D Materials and Applications, 8. (2024)


Suspended micro thermometer for anisotropic thermal transport measurements

de Vito, G., Koch, D. M., Raciti, G., Sojo-Gordillo, J. M., Nigro, A., Swami, R., Kaur Y., Swinkels MY., Huang W., Paul T., Calame M. & Zardo, I.

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 224, 125302 (10 pp.). (2024)

Industrial application of a low-cost structural health monitoring system in large-scale airframe tests

Middleton, C. A., Amjad, K., Greene, R. J., Hack, E., Harris, L., Kupferschmid, A., Lambert PR. & Patterson, E. A.

Journal of Strain Analysis for Engineering Design. (2024)

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