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Group leader position (tenure track) on functional interfaces & biosensing (pdf).
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In-situ impedance matching in Nb/Nb2O5/PtIr memristive nanojunctions for ultra-fast neuromorphic operation

Dániel Molnár,  Tímea Nóra Török,  Botond Sánta,  Agnes Gubicza,  András Magyarkuti,  Roland Hauert,  Gábor Kiss,  Andras Halbritter  and  Miklos Csontos 

Nanoscale, 01. Oct 2018

Spin signatures in the electrical response of graphene nanogaps

Víctor M. García-Suarez, 

Nanoscale (2018)
DOI: 10.1039/C8NR06123H

Reactive joining of thermally and mechanically sensitive materials

B. Rheingans, R Furrer, J. Neuenschwander, I. Spies, A. Schumacher, S. Knappmann, L.P.H Jeurgens & J. Janczak-Rusch
J. Electron. Packag 140(4), 041006 (2018)

Large Conductance Variations in a Mechanosensitive Single-Molecule Junction

Davide Stefani, Kevin J. Weiland, Maxim Skripnik, Chunwei Hsu, Mickael L. Perrin, Marcel Mayor, Fabian Pauly, and Herre S. J. van der Zant; 

Nano Letters;

Lippmann waveguide spectrometer with enhanced throughput and bandwidth for space and commercial applications

Madi, M., Ceyssens, F., Shorubalko, I., Herzig, H. P., Guldimann, B., & Giaccari, P.

Optics Express, Vol. 26, Issue 3, pp. 2682-2707 (2018)

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