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Open PhD position on  Terahertz spectroscopy and imaging of key properties of wood
Open position as Electronics Technician/Engineer.

Recent publications

Exploiting Supramolecular Assemblies for Filterless Ultra-Narrowband Organic Photodetectors with Inkjet Fabrication Capability

Anantharaman S., Strassel K., Diethelm M., Gubicza A., Hack E., Hany R., Nüesch F. and Heier J.
Journal of Mater. Chem. C, 2019, Accepted Manuscript

Air-coupled ultrasound time reversal (ACU-TR) for subwavelength non-destructive imaging

Marhenke T, Neuenschwander J, Furrer R, Zolliker P, Twiefel J, Hasener J, Wallaschek J & Sanabria SJ

IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control, (13 pp.). 2019

THz coherent lensless imaging

Lorenzo Valzania, Yuchen Zhao, Lu Rong, Dayong Wang, Marc Georges, Erwin Hack, and Peter Zolliker

Applied Optics Vol. 58, Issue 34, pp. G256-G275, 2019

ESD challenges on RFID devices

Jacob, P.

Electronic Device Failure Analysis, 21(4), 12-18. 2019

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