Transport at Nanoscale Interfaces



May 25, 2018

Congratulation Lorenzo for the „Best Student Paper Award“ at SPIE Conference in Strasbourg, France.


Enclosed you can watch the Presentation .

May, 2018
Welcome Valentin Matton! Our new Ph.D. student is coming from the Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium where he studied engineering in applied physics. His research activity is over quantum interference enhanced thermoelectricity in molecules in nanojunctions.
May 07, 2018
Open PhD position  in terahertz spectroscopy and imaging of key properties of wood. See job advertisement.
April 20, 2018

Dominik & Omar helped to build a EAP-Sensor demonstrator for the SPIE Smart Materials Conference.

Enclosed a video which explains the project and here an Article about the demostrator at the hompage of the Deparmentof Biomedical Engineering from Uni Basel  (


April 10, 2018

Open PhD position on metal-organic sensing networks.

March 29, 2018
New paper on Graphene wrinkle effects on molecular resonance states in npj 2D.
March 27, 2018

Congratulations to Pascal, Rolf & Ivan for the new publications in Appl. Phys.Joule-heating induced thermal voltages in graphene three-terminal nanojunctions.


March 20, 2018
A new paper accepted in Nano LetterCantilevers Made from Diamond and Silicon with the contribution of Ivan
February 28, 2018

New start-up company.

MOMM Diagnostics GmbH, an R&D oriented startup in life sciences focusing on medical diagnostics, was established in Basel, Switzerland in February 2018. Our activities focus on the development of a novel in-vitro diagnostic device for the early diagnosis of preeclampsia (PE) at the point-of-care (POC) implementing a novel readout technology which allows an increased signal to noise ratio at a smaller form factor and lower cost. MOMM Diagnostics will develop a device for rapid PE testing consisting of single-use cartridges for the simultaneous analysis of multiple PE biomarkers from patient’s blood in conjunction with a hand-held reader for immediate use at POC.

Further information:
Dr. Mathias Wipf
CEO MOMM Diagnostics & Transport at Nanoscale Interfaces Laboratory
Phone +41 58 765 4611

January 30, 2018

New Publication in Optics Letters by Lorenzo. Congratulation! 

January 23, 2018

Marcel talks about the reliability of batteries on SRF1 Kassensturz. More info here.


January 10, 2018
New paper by Mickael in JACS on conductance switching through aromaticity and topology change.
December 12, 201
Open PhD position in nanophysics and thermoelectricity


December 6, 2017
New COFUND grant on Quantum transport in molecular junctions awarded to Mickael. Congratulations!
November 20, 2017
Congratulations to Jürg Neuenschwander, Arno Römmeler, Roman Furrer & Sergio Sanabria for beeing choosen with two articles, to be highlighted in the Virtual Special Issue on Air-Coupled Ultrasound.
Also cheers for their accepted publication in 
IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics!
November 13, 2017
We congratulate Kishan Thodkar for winning the Poster Presentation Award at this years PhD Student Symposium!
October 26, 2017

Congratulations Michel!
Congratulations to Prof. Dr. Michel Calame for being appointed as Titularprofessor at the Univeristy of Basel!

Der Universitätsrat hat zudem folgende von der Regenz beschlossene Ernennungen zur Titularprofessorin bzw. zum Titularprofessor genehmigt:

  • Prof. Dr. Michel Calame für Nanowissenschaften


October 24, 2017

Congratulations to Kishan Dr. Thodkar for successful defending his PhD thesis!

October 20, 2017

 Congratulations to Mickael!

His paper on the DFT-based design of single molecular rectifiers just appeared in RSC Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics!

Design of an efficient coherent multi-site singlemolecule rectifier.

Perrin, M. L.; Doelman, M.; Eelkema, R.; van der Zant, H. S. J. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 2017.


Oct. 16, 2017

A new paper on Extracting Wood Properties From Structured THz Spectra just appeared in IEEE Transactions on Terahertz Science and Technology. Congratulations to Peter, Lorenzo and Erwin!

Extracting Wood Properties From Structured THz Spectra: Birefringence and Water Content

Peter Zolliker, Markus Rüggeberg,  Lorenzo Valzania, Erwin Hack 

IEEE Transactions on Terahertz Science and Technology

Oct. 6, 2017

Our new paper on the SiOx-graphene memristors studies is just appeared in Nano Letters! Congratulations to Maria and Miklos!

Multiple physical timescales and dead time rule in few-nm sized graphene-SiOx-graphene memristors

Laszlo Posa, Maria El Abbassi, Peter Makk, Botond Santa, Cornelia Nef, Miklos Csontos, Michel Calame, and Andras Halbritter Nano Lett., Just Accepted Manuscript DOI: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.7b03000


Oct.5, 2017

Our new paper on nanogap fabrication in CVD graphene has just appeared in Nanoscale. Congratulations to Maria!

From Electroburning to Sublimation: Substrate and Environmental Effects in the Electrical Breakdown Process of Monolayer Graphene
Maria El Abbassi, Laszlo Posa, Peter Makk, Cornelia Nef, Kishan Thodkar, Andras Halbritter, and M. Calame. Nanoscale, 2017. DOI: 10.1039/C7NR05348G

Oct. 1,2017

We are happy to welcome Dr. Agnes Gubicza in our group. 

Agnes Gubicza did her PhD in the field of resistance switching devices at the Department of Physics, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Sept. 16, 2017

Congatulations to Mickael for the Steven Hoogendijk prize for the "Best PhD thesis of TU Delft"!

Text from TU Delft newsletter: 

Dr. Mickael Perrin of the department of Quantum Nanoscience has won the Steven-Hoogendijk Prize for his dissertation on molecular electronics. This prize, which celebrates the best dissertation of TU Delft, is awarded every two years by the 'Bataafsch Genootschap der Proefondervindelijke Wijsbeerte'. Because of the many PhDs that are awarded at the university, only the cum laude dissertations were nominated. A jury led by prof. dr. ir. Kaspar Jansen (IO) then chose this year's winner.


Sept. 14,2017
Congratulations to Jan Overbeck for the "Best Talk Prize" at the annual meeting 2017 of the Swiss Nanoscience Instituts  (
Sept. 6, 2017

Congratulations to Yves Mermoud for the "Best Poster Presentation Award" at EUROSENSORS 2017 conference in Paris  (


Sept 1, 2017

We are happy to welcome Dr. Miklos Csontos as a new scientist in our group. 

Miklos Csontos has been a research associate at the Department of Physics, Budapest University of Technology and Economics. His research activities are focused on resistive switching phenomena in various nanostructures.

Aug 21, 2017

We are happy to welcome our two new physics laboratory technician apprentices: Andreas Alff and Dominic Zwyssig.

Aug 2, 2017

We are happy to welcome Dr. Sahana Sarkar as a new postdoc in our group. 

Dr. Sahana Sarkar worked in the field of single molecule detection techniques within electrochemical nanofluidic transducers as a Ph.D. student at the University of Twente in the group of Prof. Serge G. Lemay (Dept. of Nanoionics). 

July 4, 2017
July 1, 2017

We are happy to welcome Dr. Huan Ha as a new postdoc in our group. 

Dr. Huan Ma was working in the field of microstructure engineering in thin film materials (as PhD student in 2012-2017 at ETH Zurich in the group of Ralph Spolenak).

June 27, 2017
We have new Master student projects online. Contact us, if you are interested in doing a Master project in the topic (Electrical and optical biosensors, Si NWs for biosensing, Pump Probe technique, FIB or Quantum Transport in Graphene junctions). 
March 17, 2017

Congratulations to Anton for successfully defending his PhD thesis entitled “Detailed analysis of single molecular junctions for novel computing architectures.”.

February 27, 2017

Pascal Butti today had his successful PhD-defense. Congratultions from our lab!

February 01, 2017

We are happy to welcome two new postdocs in our group.

Dr. Mathias Wipf during his doctoral (2010-2014, University of Basel) studies and postdoctoral research job (2015-2016, Yale University, Mark Reed group) worked with silicon nanowire based sensors.

Dr. Mickael Perrin was working in the field of single molecular junctions (as PhD student in 2012-2015 and as a postdoctoral researcher in 2015-2016 at Delft Technical University in the group of Herre van der Zant).

December 01, 2016
Congratulations to Matthias Grotevent! He was awarded the ETH Medal for an outstanding master thesis "Highly Sensitive Quantum Dot-Graphene Photodetectors". 
November 14, 2016

We congratulate Lorenzo Valzania for winning the Oral Presentation Award at this years PhD Student Symposium!

October 1, 2016

We are welcoming our new labhead Michel Calame from Uni Basel. 

Starting from October 2016, the lab is set to focus on the topic of nanoscale transport phenomena and will integrate the Nanoscale Hybrid Electronic Systems group at the University of Basel until July 2017.

Announcement at EMPA