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Transport at Nanoscale Interfaces


March 03, 2023 Welcome to Sophie

Welcome to Sophie Hardmeier, who is working on her master thesis project on chemical effects on blood clots using nanoscale analytics, under the supervision of Peter Nirmalraj.

March 01, 2023 Welcome to Angel

Welcome to Angel Labordet Álvarez, who is working on his master project with Phonon Anharmonicities in 9-Atom Wide Armchair Graphene Nanoribbons, under the supervision of Mira Dimitrievska.

March 01, 2023 Welcome to Alex

Welcome to Alex Weitnauer, who is working on his master project on Flexible THz Detectors from Twisted Bilayer Graphene, under the supervision of Eleni Mavrona.


Nov 21, 2022 Congratulations to Lars!

Congratulations to Dr. Lars Lüder for your successfull PhD-defense!

Nov 14, 2022 Congratulations to Mira

Congratulations to Dr. Mirjana Dimitrievska for the honor to be selected as the 2022 USERN laureate in the field of physical and chemical science!

Nov 14, 2022 Congratulations to Nick & Sofie

Congratulations to our Apprentices Sofie & Nick for receiving "Preis der Jury" and "Teilnehmerpreis" from this years Lehrlingswettbewerb Züri-Oberland!

Nov 07, 2022 Welcome to Peter!

Welcome to Peter in our Lab!

We hope you enjoy your PhD time with us =)

Oct 26, 2022 Alumni Event

On 29th September, we celebrated 25 years of educating physic laboratory technicians apprentices in a homecoming day for our alumni. Thanks to Dominik & Sofie for organizing.

Oct. 25, 2022 Welcome to Lorenzo

Welcome Lorenzo to our team! 

Oct 10., 2022 Welcome to new apprentices

Welcome to our new physics laboratory apprentices Hazir and Samuel. They joined our lab for their apprenticeship as physics laboratory technician in august 2022.
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Transport at Nanoscale Interfaces Laboratory

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