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Transport at Nanoscale Interfaces


Master projects

Our lab offers a variety of Master projects for students.

For more details do not hesitate to contact responsible persons.

Title Contact person(-s)
Electrical and optical biosensors (pdf) Dr. Mathias Wipf
Nanometer scale SiOx resistive switches for neuromorphic applications (pdf) Dr. Miklos Csontos
Scanning Thermal Microscopy of suspended graphene (pdf) Dr. Mickael Perrin
THz Talbot imaging (pdf) Dr. Erwin Hack
THz tomography (pdf) Dr. Erwin Hack
DFT calculations for ion detection using single-molecules Dr. Mickael Perrin
Electric and thermoelectric properties of graphene under strain Jan Overbeck
Extended gate charge sensors for biochemical monitoring Yves Mermoud
FIB Dr. Ivan Shorubalko
Hydrodynamic electron flow in patterned graphene Oliver Braun
Quantum Transport in Graphene junctions Maria El Abbassi
Si NWs for biosensing Dr. Masoud Baghernejad
SiNW-based charge detectors for biochemical sensing Olena Synhaivska



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