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Transport at Nanoscale Interfaces Laboratory

Our interdisciplinary team gathers physicists, materials scientists, (bio-) chemists, and engineers focusing on bringing novel materials to devices. We are interested in understanding the fundamental electronic, optoelectronic, thermal and ionic transport processes involved in atomically-precise nanostructures and low-dimensional materials. The heterogeneous integration of novel nanomaterials requires custom-made methods for nanoscale patterning and interfaces nanostructuring. Overall, we strive to master the chain of competences leading from designer materials with tailored quantum properties to devices with targeted application in information & quantum technology, energy conversion & storage as well as biochemical sensing & diagnostics.



Technical Expertise


Prof. Dr. Michel Calame
Head of Laboratory

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Technisch-Wissenschaftliche/r Leiter/in (Tenure Track)

Nov 17, 2021 Congratulations Mickael!

Congratulations to Dr. Mickael Perrin for being awarded a SNSF Eccellenza Grant!

Nov 8, 2021 Congratulation Yves!

Congratulations to Dr. Mermoud for your successfull PhD defense! 

Oct 01, 2021 Welcome to Alessia

Alessia Romio from Polytecnico di Milano joined our lab for her masterproject "Vertical hetero-structures for organic electronics" with Jacopo Oswald. Welcome to our group and we wish you a joyful and productive winter-time :-)

Sept 29, 2021 Welcome to Samuel

Samuel Singh, master student from RWTH Aachen started his project in the beginning of the month and will stay with us until february. He will work on a project in Machine learning with Mickael Perrin. Welcome to our group!

Sept 27, 2021 Detecting dementia in blood

The recent work by Dr. Peter Nirmalraj in collaboration with Dr. Th. Schneider and Dr. A. Felbecker (Kantonsspital St.Gallen) paves the way towards a blood-based detection of Alzheimer's disease. See the publication and press release.

E. Perret, O. Braun, K. Sharma, S. Tritsch, R. Muff, R. Hufenus

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Braun O, Overbeck J, El Abbassi M, Käser S, Furrer R, Olziersky A, Flasby A, Borin Barin G, Sun Q, Darawish R, Müllen K, Ruffieux P, Fasel R, Shorubalko I, Perrin ML & Calame M

Carbon, 184, 331-339. (2021)

Mavrona E, Rajabali S, Appugliese F, Andberger J, Beck M, Scalari G & Faist J

 ACS Photonics (2021)

Zeng Z, Mavrona E, Sacré D, Kummer N, Cao J, Müller LAE, Hack E, Zolliker P & Nyström G

 ACS Nano, 15(4), 7451-7462. (2021)

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