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Our interdisciplinary team gathers physicists, materials scientists, (bio-) chemists, and engineers. We are interested in understanding the fundamental electronic, optoelectronic, thermal and ionic transport processes involved in atomically-precise nanostructures and low-dimensional materials. To fabricate our structures and devices, we pioneer the heterogeneous integration of novel nanomaterials by mastering custom-made methods for nanoscale patterning and interfaces nanostructuring. We strive to master the whole competence chain from designer materials with tailored quantum properties to their application in information technology, energy conversion as well as quantum and biochemical sensing.


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May 03, Welcome to Patrik ! =)

Dr. Patrik Rohner joins the lab to establish electrohydrodynamic nanoprinting @EMPA in a collaborative effort of EMPA and ETHZ (Prof. Maksym Kovalenko).

April 26, Seminar by JC Blancon

Understanding the synthesis, structure, and physics of hybrid 2D perovskites for efficient optoelectronics


March 30, Rapid preeclampsia test

Read more about MOMM Diagnostics' rapid preeclampsia test and the PEDPOC project supported by Cordis Europa N.V.

March 01, 2021 Congratulations to Gökhan

Congratulations to Gökhan Kara for getting the best poster award at nanoGe Online School!

March 01, 2021 Welcome Ho-Yun Lee

Ho-Yun starts her master thesis on the topic "He-FIB nanostructuring for individual nanocrystal incorporation into devices". She will work with Ivan Shorubalko (in group Nanoelectronics and Nano-Optics) and Prof. Maksym Yarema from ETH Zürich.

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Optics Letters, 46(6), 1357 (4 pp.) (2021)

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Morad V, Yakunin S, Benin BM, Shynkarenko Y, Grotevent MJ, Shorubalko I, Boehme SC & Kovalenko MV

Advanced Materials, 2007355. 2021

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