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Transport at Nanoscale Interfaces


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Pardo, A.; Ilic, E.; Thorwarth, K.; Stiefel, M.; Hauert, R. Corrosion fatigue in DLC-coated articulating implants: an accelerated methodology to predict realistic interface lifetime. Sci. Technol. Adv. Mater. 2019, 20 (1), 173-186.
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Grotevent, M. J.; Hail, C. U.; Yakunin, S.; Dirin, D. N.; Thodkar, K.; Borin Barin, G.; Guyot‐Sionnest, P.; Calame, M.; Poulikakos, D.; Kovalenko, M. V.; et al. Nanoprinted quantum dot–graphene photodetectors. Adv. opt. mater. 2019, 1900019 (7 pp.).
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Sánta, B.; Balogh, Z.; Gubicza, A.; Pósa, L.; Krisztián, D.; Mihály, G.; Csontos, M.; Halbritter, A. Universal 1/f type current noise of Ag filaments in redox-based memristive nanojunctions. Nanoscale 2019, 11 (11), 4719-4725.
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Marhenke, T.; Sanabria, S.; Chintada, B.; Furrer, R.; Neuenschwander, J.; Goksel, O. Acoustic field characterization of medical array transducers based on unfocused transmits and single-plane hydrophone measurements. Sensors 2019, 19 (4), 863.
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Madiba, I. G.; Émond, N.; Chaker, M.; Khanyile, B. S.; Tadadjeu, S. I.; Zolliker, P.; Izerrouken, M.; Matinise, N.; Braun, A.; Nkosi, M.; et al. Effect of neutron irradiation on the structural, electrical and optical properties evolution of RPLD VO2 films. Nucl. Instrum. Methods Phys. Res. B 2019, 443, 25-30.
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