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What are the hot topics in research and technology? What is Empa’s role in all of this? How are inventions from the lab turned into innovations that succeed in the market? EmpaQuarterly, our magazine for research and innovation, provides answers to these questions with interviews, portraits and exciting reports from our labs.
# 61 / July 2018 / Focus: Machine learning

Artificial intelligence will change our lives in the coming years – just as dramatically as the triumphant advance of smartphones. New opportunities are also opening up in materials research. Empa scientists use self-learning systems to process the pinpointed chemical modification of wood, blast rocks with electrical charges and monitor the quality of 3D-printed metallic workpieces – while they are being produced. In this issue of EmpaQuarterly you will see how “machine learning” works in general and what it can achieve especially in the field of materials science.

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