Transport at Nanoscale Interfaces

Measurement Technology

  • Non-destructive quality assessment of polymer tube joints (CTI project 2015-2017): Contact person: Jürg Neuenschwander
  • Laser Induced Damage Threshold (CTI-Project LIDT) (2016-2017) Contact person: Erwin Hack
  • Integral damage  assessment of fibre-reinforced structures using simulation and experimentation, (EU FP7 MATERA+ project, AMUSED, 2011-2013). Contact person: Erwin Hack
  • Measurement of the quality of wheat grains using infrared spectroscopy (CTI-project Qualysense). Contact person: Rolf Brönnimann
  • Advanced dynamic validation using integrated simulation and experimentation (EU FP7 project ADVISE, 2008-2011), see also Contact person: Erwin Hack
  • Adaptive contrast and resolution enhancement for real-time life-cell light microscopy  (SNF project, 2007-2011). Contact person: Erwin Hack
  • Development of intra-ocular lenses with high depth of focus, (CTI project  2007-2008) . Contact person: Erwin Hack
  • Development of phase contrast methods for x-ray tomography (CCMX project DIXI-CCMX, 2008-2009) (KTI discovery-project DIXI, 2006-2007). Contact person: Erwin Hack
  • Development and operation of the first European highway monitoring station for the identification of the interaction between wheel and infrastructure as well as the environmental impact of vehicles. (EU-Project FOOTPRINT). Contact person: Rolf Brönnimann
  • Standardisation project for optical measurement methods for strain (EU FP5-Projekt SPOTS, 2003-2005). Contact person: Erwin Hack
  •  Adaptive control of laser speckle fields in microscopy (2002-2004). Contact person: Erwin Hack
  • Überwachung der Produktion von Supraleiterkabeln für den CMS-Detektor am CERN mit Ultraschalltechnik. Contact person: Jürg Neuenschwander
  • Development of a monitoring system for the production of superconducting cables based on image correlation (CERN-Project, 2002-2003). Contact person: Erwin Hack
  • Development of a prototype for deformation measurement of solder joiunt arrays based on speckle pattern interferometry and imaging fibre-bundles (EU FP5-Projekt HIRONDELLE, 2001-2004 ). Contact person: Erwin Hack
  • Development of a robot for ultrasonic inspection of water pipes (CTI project WAPISMO, 2000-2002). Contact person: Erwin Hack
  • Development of a hip-prosthesis made of CFRP (CTI project Compojoint 1998-2000). Contact person: Erwin Hack   
  • Long term monitoring of the historical church Homberg, Germany. Contact person: Rolf Brönnimann
  • Messung der Absprungkraft auf einer Skisprungschanze (Lehrlingsprojekt 2008)
  • Reliability of fibre-optic Bragg gratings (COST action). Contact person: Rolf Brönnimann
  • Development of a prototype for full-field strain measurement based on multi-wavelength shearography (Brite Euram III-Projekt MuWaS, 1997-1999). Contact person: Erwin Hack


Transport at Nanoscale Interfaces Laboratory

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