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Transport at Nanoscale Interfaces

Measurement Technology

Measurement Technology

Materials research of structures on a millimeter/micrometer level and below using optical methods covering the wavelength range from the visible via infrared to the terahertz domain as well as ultrasonic technology. We have a broad experience and infrastructure in measurement technologies. On selected topics we initiate and perform internationally recognized research. At the same time we use our experience to collaborate with research partners in academia and industry.

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Recent Publications

Seraina Anne Dual, Jan Michael Zimmermann, Jürg Neuenschwander, Nicholas Heinrich Cohrs, Natalia Solowjowa,Wendelin Jan Stark,Mirko Meboldt,Marianne Schmid Daners

Artificial Organs accepted 18.10.2018

B. Rheingans, R Furrer, J. Neuenschwander, I. Spies, A. Schumacher, S. Knappmann, L.P.H Jeurgens & J. Janczak-Rusch
J. Electron. Packag 140(4), 041006 (2018)

Authors: Marhenke, T., Neuenschwander, J., Furrer, R., Twiefel, J., Hasener, J., Niemz, P., & Sanabria, S. J.;

NDT and E International;

Valzania, L., Hack, E., Zolliker, P., Brönnimann, R., & Feurer, T.;

Proceedings of SPIE: Vol. 10677. Unconventional optical imaging;

Erwick Hack, et al.; 

The 18th International Conference on Experimental Mechanics (ICEM18) Brussels, Belgium;


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