Transport at Nanoscale Interfaces Laboratory

Eliminating the channel resistance in two-dimensional systems using viscous charge flow.

Huang, W., Paul, T., Perrin, M. L., & Calame, M.

2D Materials, 11(3), 033001 (7 pp.). (2024).

Driven by the pursuit of high-performance electronic devices and the exploration of quantum phenomena, research into two-dimensional (2D) systems and materials, has unveiled their exceptional properties and potential applications. While extensive efforts have centered on minimizing contact resistance, reducing the intrinsic channel resistance within the conducting material remains a formidable challenge. Research in this direction has focused on investigating superconductivity and ballistic transport. However, the practical applications of these phenomena are usually constrained by the requirement for cryogenic conditions. Charge transport in the hydrodynamic regime emerges as a versatile alternative, offering enhanced resilience to these challenges, and making it a promising avenue for effectively reducing channel resistance in 2D systems. The current perspective delves into charge hydrodynamics, exploring its mechanisms, recent advancements, enduring challenges, and its potential in reducing the channel resistance.