Transport at Nanoscale Interfaces Laboratory

A digital image correlation (DIC) prototype system for crack propagation monitoring in aircraft assemblies

Hack, E., Luan, L. K., Crosbie, L., & Michel, S.

Open Research Europe, 2. (2022)

Background: In the Clean Sky 2 project DIMES, the cyclic loading of a section of an A320 wing with pre-existing damage was carried out.
Methods: We present a Digital Image Correlation (DIC) prototype system to monitor crack propagation in the aircraft wing. This system includes a mount for easy installation and adjustment in a confined space.
Results: Strain localization and evaluation due to crack propagation was successfully observed in the Region-of-Interest (ROI) during cyclic fatigue loading. The results from the DIC prototype system were supported by conventional contact Resistance Strain Gauge (RSG) sensors acting as a far-field monitor.
Conclusions: Future improvements, the combination of two DIC modules for a stereo DIC system and the potential of the DIC system for ground-based tests and Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) applications are also discussed.