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Graphene Nanogaps for Molecular Electronics

We are investigating graphene as a contact material for molecular electronics. As an alternative to metallic electrodes for molecular junctions, carbon based materials offer great potential to bridge the gap between the macro- and the nanoscale. The two dimensional structure of graphene and the potential to tune it’s charge carrier density, make it a promising material to gain new understanding and control of electronic and optical properties of molecules at room temperature. To achieve reliable and reproducible contacts between molecules and graphene electrodes, the production of nm-size gaps in high quality CVD monolayer graphene are of great interest. We are working on more control of the fabrication of graphene electrode by electrical-breakdown of patterned CVD graphene.

1. Comparative study of single and multi domain CVD graphene using large-area Raman mapping and electrical transport characterization 
Kishan Thodkar, Maria El Abbassi, Felix Lüönd, Frédéric Overney, Christian Schoenenberger, Blaise Jeanneret, and Michel Calame. 
physica status solidi (RRL) – Rapid Research Letters, 10(11), 807-811, 2016.  
2. High-yield fabrication of nm-size gaps in monolayer CVD graphene 
Cornelia Nef, Laszlo Posa, Peter Makk, Wangyang Fu, Andras Halbritter, Christian Schönenberger, and Michel Calame. 
Nanoscale, 6, 7249-7254, 2014.  
3. Electrolyte gate dependent high-frequency measurement of graphene FETs for sensing applications 
W. Fu, M. El Abbassi, T. Hasler, M. Jung, M. Steinacher, M. Calame, and C. Schoenenberger. 
Appl. Phys. Lett., 104, 13102, 2014.

4. “From Electroburning to Sublimation: Substrate and Environmental Effects in the Electrical Breakdown Process of Monolayer Graphene”
M. El Abbassi, L. Pósa, P. Makk, C. Nef, K. Thodkar, A. Halbritter and M. Calame. Submitted 2017
5. “Multiple physical timescales and dead time rule in few-nm sized graphene-SiOx-graphene memristors”
L. Pósa , M. El Abbassi, P. Makk, B. Santa, C. Nef,3 M. Csontos, M. Calame and A. Halbritter. Submitted 2017


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