Transport at Nanoscale Interfaces

Research and competences

  • Hybrid Nanoscale Interfaces:  Exploration of the electrical and optical properties of devices containing atomically precise structures with sizes reaching typically only a few nanometers.
  • Micro- and nanostructures:  Micro- and nanostructuring of mechanical, electronic and photonic materials and devices, e.g. with laser ablation, Ga-FIB, He-FIB, HR-SEM.
  • Measurement technology:  optical, tera-hertz (THz), ultrasound (UT), infra-red (IR), image processing and analysis as well as electrical, mechanical, optical and thermal measurements.
  • Reliability and safety:  Dependability, reliability, availability, lifetime, degradation and failure analysis as well as reliability and environmental testing of materials, devices, and systems, including micro- and nano- electronics and –photonics, as well as electrical equipment, power electronics, and energy conversion and storage systems.

We also offer R&D support (consulting, assessments, investigations, measurements, testing) for domestic economy and industry (ICT, electrical and mechanical industry, medtech, aerospace), research institutes (ETHs, Universities, etc.) and public authorities (international, federal, cantonal, local).