Compatibility of Career and Family

Empa is responding to the complex challenges of today’s world by taking specific action to promote equal opportunities and diversity. Therefore, several measures to promote the compatibility of family and career have been established during recent years. The following links provide more ideas about maintaining the individual work-life-balance.

Support for families during Corona

Kantonale Jugendsportcamps (Cantonal Youth Sport Camps)
These camps exist all year round. The snow sports camps are particularly popular during the winter vacation, where sports like snowboarding, skiing, cross-country and freeride tours are offered.

Reka-Familienferien (Family Vacation)
Reka provides affordable, guided vacations for single mums under the banner of “Wellness for the body, mind and spirit”. While the mothers are off doing their activities, the children (up to 12 years of age) are supervised under the Rekalino program. There are also guided vacation weeks for divorced or separated fathers and their children. During the four half days when the children are supervised in the vacation village, the fathers enjoy a guided exchange of ideas and experiences.

Gemeinsam Regie führen. Ein Impuls zu Beruf und Familie (Being in the Lead Together. Impulses for Your Career and Family Life).
Various brochures on cohabitation were developed by the Offices for Gender Equality of the Cantons of Bern, Lucerne and Zurich, the UND office, and the Federal Office for Gender Equality (FOGE). (Only in German.)

Internetplattform zur Vereinbarkeit von Berufs- und Privatleben des Kantons Zürich und des Kantons ST. Gallen
The platform serves as an information pool and forum for employers and employees on the topics of reconciling career and family life. Companies learn how to become more family-friendly, while employees find tips on how they can strike a better balance.

Childcare for Empa staff

KIPA daycare center in Dübendorf
Empa-Eawag-Kinderpavillon KIPA
Überlandstrasse 133
8600 Dübendorf
Head: Eveline Vonlanthen
Phone +41 58 765 56 60

Kita Aare daycare in Thun
Uttigenstrasse 48
3600 Thun
Head: Dania Hänni
Phone +41 33 221 68 54

Chinderhus Fiorino daycare in St. Gallen
Zürcherstrasse 193
9014 St. Gallen
Head: Regula Gerlach-Stamm
Phone + 41 71 278 33 30

Stiftung Kinderbetreuung im Hochschulraum Zürich "kihz"