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  • 20191103:
    HYDRO_BOT: The skiing jacket that keeps you dry. A membrane embedded within conductive textile layers effectively transports sweat away from the body using electro osmosis. Coatings developed by Advanced Fibers enable electrical conductivity and wettability required for the success of the technology.

    Sportkleidung unter Strom


  • 20181018:
    80 plasma scientists and industrial researchers from 15 different countries met for the 5th International Workshop Plasma Science & Interfaces 201 at Empa St. Gallen on 18th/19th October 2018, to discuss latest results in the field.

    80 Plasma Wissenschaftler und Forscher aus Industrie aus 15 verschiedenen Ländern haben sich getroffen am 5th International Workshop Plasma Science & Interfaces 2018
    an der Empa St. Gallen am 18./19. Oktober 2018, um die neusten Resultate auf diesem Gebiet zu diskutieren.
  • 20180207

Functional clothing that allows you to sweat without feeling wet:
The exploitation of electrically activated pumping through textile layers is going to be used forski jackets.

  • 20171219
    In our recently published article in the Nature journal “scientific reports” we could verify the hypothesis that water confined inside a gradient polymer matrix can orient and thus generate a collective dipole field, which is significantly extending over many nanometers.
  • 20171219
    In unserem kürzlich erschienenen Artikel in der Zeitschrift „scientific reports“  konnten wir die Hypothese bestätigen, dass Wassermoleküle in einer graduierten Polymermatrix sich tatsächlich so ausrichten, dass bis mehrere Nanometer Abstand ein signifikantes Dipolfeld wirksam wird.