Master projects

Every year we host several national and international master students and a smaller selection of bachelor students and interns for projects that relate to our activities in fundamental and applied research. We support your stay in St. Gallen with an allowance and housing. The ideal length of a project work is around 6 months. Our open and international research environment as well as our good contacts to industry and ETH Zürich are assets, highly esteemed by students. We have many years of experience in hosting Master projects from many different countries and a very intercultural open spirit.

You can always send an unsolicited application with a CV and letter of interest to (, or, more specifically contact the responsible person as listed for the currently open project topics following below.

Manfred Heuberger


Currently open project topics:

Are you a motivated master student and looking for opportunities to challenge and strengthen skills in

Polymer, organic and Material chemistry? Are you eager to do a master-project, while gaining valuable experience in a research project for industrial needs? The following projects are offered on immediate basis.

  1. Flame retardant coatings for transportation textiles

This project will address development of new flame retardant coatings for textiles such as seat covers and carpets, which are used in aircrafts and railways. New flame retardant molecules based on phosphorus , sulfur, silicon and nitrogen will be synthesized and formulated with PU, EVA and Acrylate based resins and applied via back coatings on the carpets and seat textiles.

  1. Fire safe high partially aromatic polyamides

Partially aromatic polyamides (PAP) are increasingly used in development of materials for e-mobility. PAP offer very high level of thermal stability much needed in such applications however, they are flammable and need to be protected against fire. In this project, PAP will be modified via incorporation of novel thermally stable flame retardant additives via melt extrusion process and its thermal and fire performance will be evaluated.

  1. Flame retardant co-polyamides with heteroatoms in the backbone

 The project involves synthesis of co-monomers with heteroatoms (B, Si, P and/or S) followed by preparation partially aromatic flame-retardant (FR) polyamides. You will also learn modern techniques for FR polymer characterization, while working in a professional and dynamic research group. Your competence in solid-state polymerization process is the basis for your success.

For details, please contact:

Dr. Sabyasachi Gaan