Health and Performance

With innovative materials into a healthy future – the goal of Empa’s Research Focus Area 'Health and Performance' is to provide innovative and sustainable technologies and products for the textile, biotech and medtech industries at the interface of materials and life sciences.

Protecting people, promoting good health in a sustainable manner, maintaining and improving our quality of life and physical constitution – these are and will remain major challenges, especially in light of our increasing life expectancy. In the Research Focus Area 'Health and Performance', we pool our interdisciplinary expertise in the fields of textiles, material science, biology and nanotechnology.  We focus on the development of materials for medical applications in and on the human body, and research materials and new systems that protect and support us in our daily lives. Moreover, we examine the safety of new materials closely and develop new methods to study this in biological systems.     

Synthesis, processing, analytics and simulation as the cycles of materials research allow a targeted and solution-oriented development of materials for the health sector. In combination with pre-clinical re-search, 'state-of-the-art’ in vitro technologies and simulations, innovative solutions become applicable with industrial and clinical partners.
Some of the questions we address:
  • Which materials are suitable to maintain human health or even restore it?
  • Which products improve the quality of life or safety for elderly people?
  • How can we improve performance in sport or under extreme conditions?
  • How can we functionalize fibers and textiles to give them specific properties?
  • Can we guarantee the safety of new materials in future? And how can we test this?
Prof. Dr. Alex Dommann

Prof. Dr. Alex Dommann
Head of Department

Phone: +41 58 765 7401