Road Engineering / Sealing Components Laboratory

The Road Engineering/Sealing Components Laboratory at Empa is specialized in construction materials used in road construction, joint sealing and flexible sheets for waterproofing. The emphasis is on safety, durability, non-destructive performance monitoring, quality, recycling and the optimization of construction materials containing bitumen and polymer-modified bitumen. The Laboratory covers the following five focus areas:

  • Road Materials and Pavements
  • In-situ Performance Testing
  • Sealing Components
  • Innovative and multifunctional pavements EMPave
  • Multiscaling and microstructure of road materials

The Laboratory has at its disposal the most modern test equipment and an interdisciplinary team of specialists from the fields of civil engineering, chemistry and physics. The recent acquisition is named MLS10, a full-scale mobile load simulator.

This team conducts applied research and development work, is active in national and international technical and research groups and maintains intensive contacts with the relevant universities and test institutes in Switzerland an abroad. An essential duty is objective and practical consulting, testing and the preparation of expert statements. The laboratory is accredited for bituminous building materials in accordance with the standard ISO/IEC 17025 (STS 043).