Magnetic & Functional Thin Films Lab

We design and fabricate magnetic and functional thin films with tailored properties arising from nanoscale effects towards applications ranging from magnetoelectronic devices to coatings for biomedical use.


The combination of our profound expertise in sputter deposition methods and decades of background in the design and application of scanning probe microscopes and magnetic property analytical tools provides a competitive edge for the design and fabrication of magnetic and functional thin films with tailored properties.


With our capabilities for tailoring the properties of thin film systems to specific applications and our proven track record of developing new sputter-deposition techniques and scanning probe based analytical tools we contribute to the competitive advantage of our industrial partners and thereby create a positive impact for the society.

Relevance of Magnetic and Functional Thin Films:


Nat. Comm. Publication

Invited talk on "Coexistence of distinct skyrmion phases observed in hybrid ferromagnetic/ferrimagnetic multilayers“ given at the Petaspin IEEE Magnetics Society workshop by Prof. Dr. Hans J. Hug