Concrete & Asphalt

Concrete Technology / Cement Chemistry and Thermodynamics

The two groups Concrete Technology and Cement Chemistry and Thermodynamics focus on fundamental research, application-oriented research and production development within the field of cementitious materials, with the aim of improving their sustainability. By studying alternative binder systems, concrete of improved durability and high-performance concrete, we aim at reducing the consumption of energy and raw materials and the CO2-emissions during the life cycle of concrete structures.

Bituminous Materials

The Bituminous Materials group is specialized in construction materials used in road construction, joint sealing and flexible sheets for waterproofing. The emphasis is on safety, durability, quality, recycling and the optimization of construction materials containing bitumen and polymer-modified bitumen, i.e. development of environmental multifunctional pavements (EMPave). The group covers the following five focus areas:

  • Road Materials and Pavements
  • In-situ Performance Testing (EMPave-MAP, EMPave-GAP)
  • Sealing Components
  • Innovative and multifunctional pavements EMPave-MAP
  • Green asphalt pavements EMPave-GAP