Vested interests

Listed below are the vested interests and secondary occupations of our CEO as well as the members of Empa's Directorate.
Prof. Dr. Tanja Zimmermann (Director)
Designation Legal form Body Function
“Forum Holz”, Swiss Federal office for the environment (Bafu) Public Authority Management Board Member
FMF-Freiburg Materials Research Center Public Institution Advisory Board Member
Stockholm University Center for Circular and Sustainable Systems Public Institution Advisory Board Senior Advisor
RhySearch Forschungs-  und Innovationszentrum Rheintal, Buchs Public Institution Board of Directors Member
Innovationspark OST Public Institution Advisory Board Member

Dr. Peter Richner (Deputy Director)
Designation Legal form Body Function
Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM) Public Authority Advisory Board Head of
Lucerne University of Applied Science, Department of Engineering and Architecture (HSLU) Public University of Applied Sciences Advisory Board Member
Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (sia) Association Professional Council "Energy" Vice President
European Network of Building Research Institutes (ENBRI) Association Directorate Member of the Directorate
Integrated Planning LLC (intep) LLC Supervisory Board Member
Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft (BIG)   Sustainability Advisory Board Member
Energy Cluster Switzerland Association Advisory Board Vice President
International Union of Laboratories and Experts in Construction Materials, Systems and Structures (RILEM) Association   Honorary Member (2022)
Geberit Stock Company Sustainability Advisory Board Member

Dr. Brigitte Buchmann
Designation Legal form Body Function
Federal Commssion for Air Hygiene (FCAH)   Extra-parliamentary committee of experts Member
Global Atmosphere Watch Schweiz (GAW CH) / Global Climate Observing System Schweiz (GCOS CH)   Steering Committee Member
Federal Energy Research Commission (CORE)   Advisory Body of the Federal Council Member
World Resources Forum Association (WRFA) Non-profit Association Executive Board Member
European Space Agency (ESA), Data Operation Scientific and Technical Advisory Group (DOSTAG) Multinational Organization Technical Advisory Group Swiss ESA Delegate
Journal Atmospheric Measurement Techniques (AMT), Copernicus Publications, Open-Access-Verlag   Editoral Board Associate Editor
Swiss Chemical Society (SCS), Division of Fundamental Research (DFR) Association Board Member
Swiss Academy Engineering Sciences Association   Member

Dr. Pierangelo Gröning
Designation Legal form Body Function
Swiss User Group Surfaces and Interfaces (SAOG)     Board Member
AM-TTC Alliance Association   President
Inspire Foundation Foundation Board Member
Robert Mathys Foundation (RMS) Foundation Foundation Board Member
Swiss m4m Center AG Stock  Company Board of Directors Member (Private Person)

Dr. Lorenz Herrmann
Designation Legal form Body Function
High Tech Zentrum Aargau Stock Company Advisory Board Werkstoff- und Nanotechnologien Member
Swiss m4m Center AG Stock Company Board of Directors Empa Representation
SwissCluster AG Stock Company Board of Directors Empa Representation
Swiss Academy of Engineering Science (SATW) Association Coordination Committee Advanced Manufacturing Research Network Member
Swiss Micro- and Nanotechnology Network (SWISS MNT) Association Board Member

Dr. Urs Leemann
Designation Legal form Body Function
Raiffeisenbank Limmat Cooperative   Chairman of the Board
Cleantech Hub Dietikon Association Board Member