Promoting Start-ups

Empa promotes start-ups and entrepreneurship through the business incubator glatec in Dübendorf and its involvement in Startfeld and the technology and innovation center Feld3 in St. Gallen.
At Empa’s business incubators, you receive competent support without all the red tape. Our experts are on hand with information, advice and coaching.
The non-profit organization glatec runs a business incubator at Empa in Dübendorf that supports start-ups and innovation in the fields of materials science, environmental science and technology.
Startfeld supports innovations and start-ups in Eastern Switzerland. The platform offers (potential) start-ups advice, coaching, entrepreneurial courses, events, funding, space and infrastructure.

Find out which companies Empa helped found, which industries they operate in and where they are today.
Promoting innovation through company start-ups: There has been an encouraging increase in number of start-ups and their employees over the years.