The SAXS Laboratory

Small angle X-ray scattering technique is applied for structural understanding of the systems with semi-crystalline or totally amorphous nature within the 1 to 100 nm size range. We are proud of our state of the art development in instrumentation and theoretical analysis approaches which help to establish ccomprehensive understanding of structural properties in nano/biomaterials. Such information is necessary for steering the functionality and designing novel systems towards wider range of applications.



In the SAXS laboratory, we investigate a broad range of materials and benefit from collaboration both from Empa and outside. This includes size, shape and interactions of particles, proteins, polymers and self-assemblies in solution as well as understanding internal morphology in powders and mesoporous materials. The micro-focused beam combined with 2D detector also enables us to explore the long-range anisotropy relevant to polymeric nanofibers and nanoparticles orientations in in-situ microfluidics.

The SAXS laboratory is part of the Center for X-ray Analytics and located at Empa St Gallen. The laboratory concentrates on the development and application of small angle diffractions and scattering methods. The lab is equipped with state-of-the art instruments for the different application domains: