BRUKER D8 Davinci

Structure analysis on thin films and bulk materials: HRXRD


  • Semiconductor materials and devices (up to 200mm wafers)
  • Inorganic multilayer systems
  • Organic thin films

Structural parameters:

  • Strain & defects
  • Phase composition
  • Qualitative phase analysis
  • Thin film thickness, density and surface & interface roughness


  • HRXRD: rocking curves RC and reciprocal space mapping RSM
  • Reflectivity for thin films up to 1 µm
  • Pole figures (texture, BRUKER PolyCap)
  • Out-of plane diffraction
  • In-plane diffraction (Bruker Ultra-GID system)
  • High temperature experiments can be conducted: T<1100°C


Lab working principle:

With the BRUKER D8 Davinci, complex crystallographic problems can be solved. Specialized experiments are set up and conducted by the staff of the Lab. We are happy support you in answering structural / crystallographic questions. Please contact us for a discussion on your specific materials tasks for setting up the adequate experiment. Contact:

Prof. Dr. Antonia Neels

Prof. Dr. Antonia Neels
Head of the Center for X-ray Analytics

Phone: +41 58 765 4507