Sources, Assessement and Reduction of Air Pollutants

The goal of this NAREP Focal Area is to understand and quantify emissions and sources of man-made pollutants, including noise, into the atmosphere by determining their temporal and spatial variations. We focus on processes and substances that are relevant to human health, climate change, ecosystems and materials.


Knowledge of the relevant fluxes into the atmosphere, their transport and transformation is essential for impact assessment, emissions reduction as well as for the early detection of changes of the atmosphere and biosphere.
Fields of activities of "Sources, Assessement and Reduction of Air Pollutants"
Therefore we develop, validate and apply state-of-the-art measurement techniques for pollutants such as nanoparticles, reactive gases, greenhouse gases, persistent organic compounds and noise. We then combine our measurements with numerical models on a wide range of scales. Our scales go from very local processes, e.g. nanoparticles near road traffic, to worldwide phenomena, e.g. the transport of air pollutants from the northern hemisphere to the Antarctica. Furthermore, we develop technologies to reduce emissions, such as optimized powertrains, more efficient road pavements, enhanced flue gas treatment and noise control at the source.
Air pollution transport modelling at the city scale