Empa's Research Commission

The Research Commission is an advisory body to the Board of Directors with Empa-internal and -external members. It encourages the promotion and verification of scientific excellence at Empa.

FOKO A (experts from Empa)
  • Dr. Andrea Bergamini, Acoustics / Noise Control Laboratory (Chair)
  • Dr. Thomas Geiger, Applied Wood Materials Laboratory
  • Dr. Erwin Hack, Transport at Nanoscale Interfaces Laboratory
  • Dr. Dirk Hegemann, Advanced Fibers Laboratory
  • Dr. Inge Herrmann, Particles-Biology Interactions Laboratory
  • Dr. Joachim Mohn, Air Pollution / Environmental Technology Laboratory
  • Dr. Dorina Opris, Functional Polymers Laboratory
  • Prof. Dr. Daniele Passerone, Laboratory
  • Dr. Patrik Soltic, Automotive Powertrain Technologies Laboratory
FOKO B (external experts)
  • Dr. Urs T. Dürig, Rüschlikon
  • Prof. em. Dr. Thomas Egli, Feldmeilen
  • Prof. em. Dr. Marcus Textor, Schaffhausen