Research Integrity

“Truthfulness, openness, self-criticism and fairness are characteristics, on which the credibility and acceptance of a scientist by his/her peers are based. Empa employees are duty bound to uphold these values and to abide by the guidelines derived from them.” (from “Integrity in Research at Empa”)

In case of doubt about the integrity of research being conducted at Empa there is the possibility to get in touch with Empa’s person of trust for research integrity. The person of trust is free to act entirely independently of any authority and is obliged to maintain complete confidentiality.

There is also the possibility to contact one of the person of trust for research integrity at one of the other research institutes of the ETH Domain, the Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI), Eawag or WSL, or with the representative of the ETH Board for these matters.

Research institutes
For more information about Research Integrity at the research institutes PSI, Eawag, WSL please click here

Ombudsperson at Empa


Ombudsperson of the ETH Board

Academies: New code of conduct for scientific integrity

Research Integrity Guidelines

Please download the guidelines for good scientific practice at Empa here