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HyCool Project

Empa is involved in the european H2020 project HyCool with its own media site, linkedIn and twitter account, where news such as the recent press-release of Givaudan are published.

New class of materials: hybrid aerogels with biopolymers hybrid aerogels as superinsulators

Inside Cover: Strong, Thermally Superinsulating Biopolymer–Silica Aerogel Hybrids by Cogelation of Silicic Acid with Pectin (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 48/2015)
An insight on our recent Angewandte Chemie publication has been recently published in EMPA news. This work is the results of our research within the framework of the EU-project Aerocoins of a team working with Matthias Koebel, Empa and Arnaud Rigacci and Tatiana Budtova at MINES ParisTech (Sophia Antipolis, France).

Aerogels: Pros and Cons

A short article in Baublatt (a journal for building professional) on the pros and cons of aerogels has been published in July 2015. The article is releated to the “Energie-Tage St.Gallen” event that took place in 2015.

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