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Improved prediction of adsorber material behaviour in sustainable heat pumps for smarter materials selection

With global cooling demand rising much faster than heating demand, suitable strategies are needed to cover it from renewable resources. Large amounts of waste heat are available at low temperature levels <100°C, where carnotization is inefficient and which are often discarded unused. Sorption heat pumps and sorption cooling are promising technologies which allow the direct conversion of waste heat or solar heat into precious cooling energy.

The performance and optimal operating temperatures of an adsorption heat pump depends critically on the adsorbent material used. This means that ideally the material is chosen to be consistent specifically for a final application. However, the estimation of the performance of an adsorbent is non-trivial due to the coupled processes of heat and vapor transfer and adsorption, which all have an influence on the effective COPs. Therefore the choice of adsorbent material is currently a rather haphazard process and a lot of potential for increased utilization of the technology lies within a better materials characterization and performance prediction methodology allowing the targeted choice of an adsorbent material for a specific heat pump application. Consequently, to facilitate and promote future targeted design of adsorption chillers as well as to reduce the lab to market time of new state of the art adsorption materials a new model for the prediction of the performance of an adsorbent material is the aim of the project.


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