Current projects
  • Material flows Switzerland (MatCH)
  • Sustainable Recycling Industries programme (SRI II)
  • Monitoring and auditing and of the Swico Recycling System (Swico)
  • Critical Metals in Car Electronics (EVA)
  • Separation and concentration of target substances in the treatment of electrical appliances (e-conseg)
  • Developing circular pathways for a EU low-carbon transition (CircEUlar)

  • Future Availability of Secondary Raw Materials (FutuRaM)

  • Circular Economy Resource Information System (CE-RISE)

  • Improving the sustainability of electric vehicle Lithium-ion batteries

  • Strengthening capacities for energy efficiency in buildings in Latin America (CEELA)

  • Co-Creating Circular Futures

  • Swiss Center of Excellence on Net Zero Emissions (SCENE) - Net Zero In-stitute Roadmap (netZIR)

Completed projects
  • Simulation game for development paths of  post-fossil cities (Post-fossil cities).
  • Laboratory for Applied Circular Economy (LACE)
  • Research Cooperation Battery Recycling (Kyburz)
  • Brominated Flame Retardants in Plastics from Large Household Appliances (BFR-LHA)
  • Prospecting the urban mine (ProSUM)
  • Rückgewinnung kritischer Metalle aus Elektronikschrott (e-Recmet)
  • Monitoring Materialflüsse Kunststoffe aus Haushalten (KUH)
  • Reuse of Electric and Electronic Devices (Re-use)
  • Monitoring System for Mixed Plastic Recycling in Switzerland (VSPR Monitoring)
  • Support for the development of a Swiss industry-led take-back system of Lithium-Ion Batteries from the automotive sector (LIB-SARS)
  • E[co]work - Social impact innovation through a co-working space for e-waste micro-entrepreneurs (E[co]work)
  • VREG State-of-the-art guideline for e-waste management in Switzerland (VREG)

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