Swiss Center of Excellence on Net Zero Emissions (SCENE) - Net Zero In-stitute Roadmap (netZIR)

The project will define a science-based net-zero roadmap for the four research Institutes of the ETH Domain. This roadmap serves as a lighthouse project and a blueprint for other institutions, public entities, and companies. A working group comprised of researchers, sustainability officers, and members of the operations/infrastructure management from each institute has come together to enable an efficient inter-institutional and cross-disciplinary exchange. The goal of this collaboration is to define the institutions’ pathways to net-zero and the appropriate methodology to track progress.

At the outset, the group collects data to capture the current status and defines the target status for each institution. The development of the roadmap involves considerations about the necessary measures to take and their impacts, looking at various energy scenarios with cost developments, and performing investment cost calculations.

As a main outcome, a science-based roadmap towards net-zero will lay the basis for internal consensus and the necessary decisions.


Heinz Böni
Technology & Society Laboratory
Lerchenfeldstrasse 5
9014 St. Gallen
Tel. +41 58 765 78 58

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