Environmental Risk Assessment and Management Group (ERAM)

The mission of the ERAM group is to establish the scientific knowledge for a comprehensive and early view of opportunities and risks of new technologies. Innovative technological applications will unfold most successfully if their potential positive and negative impacts - especially of the materials involved - on health, environment and society are anticipated as early as possible.

ERAM strives to integrate many aspects related to identifying and managing risks:

  • Analysis of technological trends and opportunities
  • Release of materials from products
  • Sources and behavior in the environment
  • Exposure and material flow modeling
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  • Integrated assessment studies for sustainable innovation pathways
  • Knowledge transfer to industry

The current focal point of ERAM is on nanomaterials, nanobiomaterials and microplastics.


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Group September 2018. from left, top row: Qie Wu, Natasha Stoudman, Tong Yang, Henning Wigger, Bernd Nowack, Ramona Sieber, Barbora Pinlova, Claudia Som. front row: Yaping Cai, Delphine Kawecki, Edgar Hernandez, Marina Hauser, Véronique Adam. not on photo: Mélanie Schmutz

Prof. Dr. Bernd Nowack 

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