LACE – Laboratory for Applied Circular Economy

Our present economy is largely based on a linear principle according to which products at the end of their lifecycle are disposed of. The major consequences are an inadequate and increasing use of natural resources.

The objective of this inter- and trans-disciplinary project is to show that the principles of a circular economy can be applied to companies in the Swiss economy in an environmentally sound and economically viable manner. We are working together with seven well-known partner companies and prepare industry-specific business plans, which show how the developed resource-efficient patterns of the circular economy can be introduced into the value chains of the participating companies. As part of this project we want to help Swiss companies make a relevant contribution towards the avoidance of waste thanks to innovative business models and enable them to switch to resource-friendly production of goods without neglecting the economic perspective. Maintaining profitability and the resulting stimulus for the economy from new business models will reveal unexploited potential. The broad scope of topics requires a comprehensive view and an interdisciplinary approach. Therefore the research team comprises environmental scientists, lawyers, political scientists and economists.

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Heinz Böni
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