A social impact startup to create an innovative and affordable co-working space for informal micro-entrepreneurs in the e-waste sector in India – a Bridge Proof of Concept project

Electronic waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world. In India, over 90% is processed by the informal recycling sector using unsound methods that result in health hazards and environmental pollution. E[co]work aims to bridge the gap between these well-established informal e-waste dismantlers and sound practices in a safe and professional environment. It takes the idea of the successful co-working spaces and adapts it for the informal e-waste sector. By pooling costs, the E[co]work Space shall provide a legal and safe work environment and shall be able to offer services currently not accessible or affordable by the informal micro-entrepreneurs. This includes but is not limited to adequate tools, machines, protection equipment, as well as services such as trainings, healthcare and business support. The project aims to set up a pilot E[co]work Space in Delhi, which shall work as a self-sustaining business model. E[co]work provides the opportunity for the micro-entrepreneurs to continue their work with legitimacy and enables them to grow as eco-entrepreneurs, while preventing health hazards and environmental pollution.

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