Building acoustics
Accredited as per ISO 17025 as Test Laboratory STS 0068

Airborne sound insulation: in test facility (ISO 10140); ISO 717-1

  • walls
  • windows
  • glazing
  • door leaves
  • acoustically insulated windows

Impact sound insulation: in test facility (ISO 10140); ISO 717-2

  • floating floors
  • carpets

Absorption: Reverberation Chamber Method ISO 354

  • sound absorbers for room acoustic applications
  • sound barriers

Installation Noises: in test facility

  • room ventilation noises
  • washing machines
  • ….

Contact persons
Dr. Stefan Schoenwald, Building Acoustics Lab Manager
Urs Pachale, Scientist
Sound power

  •  Sound Pressure Method: ISO 3744; 3746; 3747  
  • Sound Intensity Method: ISO 9614-1; 9614-2

Contact person
Kurt Eggenschwiler, Senior Scientist
Investigations into Room Acoustics

  • Calculations for optimizing sound absorbers
  • Acoustic measurement in rooms (IS0 3382), room aocustic simulations

Contact person
Kurt Eggenschwiler, Head of Laboratory, Room Acoustics, Environmental Acoustics, Aircraft Noise, Lecturer at ETH Zurich
Environmental acoustics

  • Calculation of aircraft noise using the laboratory's own FLULA2 software
  • Calculation of noise propagation taking into account weather effects
  • Exact wave theory-based calculations (finite difference in time domain method, FDTD)
  • Demanding special investigations and expert assessments

Contact persons
Dr. Jean Marc Wunderli, Head of Laboratory, Group Leader Environmental Acoustics, Lecturer at ETH Zurich
Dr. Beat Schäffer, Aircraft Noise, psychoacoustics