• 2 Scanning-Laser-Doppler-Vibrometer
  • Shaker, impulse hammer, Standard tapping machine, pendulous hammer
  • Accelerometers and force transducers
  • Systems for flow resistance and dynamic stiffness measurements
  • Measurement, soundfield and ambisonic microphones
  • Sound level meters, sound analyzers, interfaces and recorders
  • Intensity probes
  • 12 monitoring stations with solar- or battery energy supply, mobile radio connection for control and data transmission including meteorological data and audio recording
  • Telescopic masts up to 12 m height
  • Head and torso simulator (HATS)
  • Virtual Reality Simulator
  • Room acoustic set with Dodekaeder, talkbox and analyzer
  • Omnidirectional loudspeakers, ultra sound sources, reference sound sources
  • Calibrators for audio and vibrations, multi tone calibrators
  • XXL CPX measurement trailer with 12 measurement microphones, 3 temperature sensors, Correvit speed sensor and laser profilometer for measuring pavement texture