The following lab members have teaching  assignments at local universities and other educational institutions:
PD Dr. Davide Bleiner
  • Fall Semester, Tue 10.15-12.00, University of Zurich: "Laser Spectroscopy for Microanalysis" (CHE743)
  • Spring Semester , Thu 10.15-12.00, University of Zurich: "Chemical Microanalysis" (CHE745)
PD Dr. Andreas Borgschulte
  • Fall Semester, Tue 14-17, Fri 8-12, 13-17, ETH Zurich (HCI): "Practical Laboratory Course III, Materials Science" (327-0311-00L)
  • Fall Semester, TBA, ETH Zurich (HCI): "Chemical Analysis and Spectroscopy for Energy Applications" (327-2136-00L)
  • Spring Semester, Wed 10-12, University of Zurich: "Nano-Chemistry" (CHE729.1)
Renato Figi
Prof. Dr. Jing Wang
  • Fall Semester, Tue 15-18, ETH Zurich (HIL E9): "Environmental Engineering Seminars" (102-0515-01L)
  • Fall Semester, TBA, ETH Zurich (HIL): "Air Pollution Control" (102-0635-AAL)
Markus Zennegg
  • Spring Semester, TBA, FHNW Basel/Muttenz: "Environmental Risk Assesment"
  • Spring Semester, TBA, ZHAW Wädenswil: "Ökologie: Chemie und Umwelt"
PD Dr. Davide Bleiner

PD Dr. Davide Bleiner
Head of Advanced Analytical Technologies

Group Leader Instrumental Chemical Analysis

Phone: +41 58 765 4934