Research Mission

The relation between analytical capabilities vs. science progress is always verified -- today’s innovation in measurement methods, is the premise for tomorrow’s progress in science and technology.

The division for Advanced Analytical Technologies is thus a chemistry-focused unit, carrying out research on innovation in analytical methods as well as its technological realization. We advance along with materials science at Empa, promoting non-routine chemical competence for the Swiss industry and well-being of society.

Our ultimate mission is to transfer original analytical solutions to the productive sector. We deploy a multi-spectroscopic “analytical toolbox”, making our analytical insights application-oriented instead of technique-emphatic. This proactive plan makes prioritary a multidisciplinary team of collaborators motivated by ambition and enthusiasm, in the framework of a lean management.

PD Dr. Davide Bleiner

PD Dr. Davide Bleiner
Head of Division Advanced Analytical Technologies (502)

Group Leader Instrumental Chemical Analysis

Phone: +41 58 765 4934