Research Mission

The correlation between analytical capabilities and materials science progress is often verified: today’s innovation in measurement protocols, either as new enabling methods or as visionary devices, is the premise for tomorrow’s progress in energy platforms, environmental protection or mobility efficiency.

The division for Advanced Analytical Technologies is thus a chemistry-focused unit, researching on innovation in analytical methods as well as its technological implementation. We advance in tandem with materials science progress at Empa, for promoting non-routine chemical competence in the Swiss industry and well-being of society.

Our ultimate mission is towards disruptive analytical solutions beyond traditional contending categories, e.g. organic vs. inorganic, optical vs. mass spectrometry, etc. We are fostering the multi-spectroscopic “analytical toolbox” approach, which makes our analytical insights application-oriented instead of technique-emphatic. This proactive plan makes prioritary a multidisciplinary team of collaborators motivated by curiosity and enthusiasm, in the framework of a lean management.

PD Dr. Davide Bleiner

PD Dr. Davide Bleiner
Head of Advanced Analytical Technologies