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Publications ETH Group (Prof. J. Wang)

Latest Works

Zhang, X.; Chen, X.; Yue, Y.; Wang, S.; Zhao, B.; Huang, X.; Li, T.; Sun, Q.; Wang, J. Ecological study on global health effects due to source-specific ambient fine particulate matter exposure. Environ. Sci. Technol. 2023, 57 (3), 1278-1291.
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Bahrami, F.; Batt, T.; Schudel, S.; Annaheim, S.; He, W.; Wang, J.; Rossi, R. M.; Defraeye, T. How long and effective does a mask protect you from an infected person who emits virus-laden particles: By implementing one-dimensional physics-based modeling. Front. Public Health 2022, 10, 991455 (20 pp.).
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Balmelli, M.; Lu, Y.; Färber, R.; Merotto, L.; Soltic, P.; Bleiner, D.; Biela, J.; Franck, C. M. Breakdown of synthetic air under nanosecond pulsed voltages in quasi-uniform electric fields. IEEE Access 2022, 10, 53454-53467.
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Batt, T.; Herwig, G.; Annaheim, S.; Clement, P.; Furer, L.; Hirsch, C.; Varanges, V.; Caglar, B.; Michaud, V.; Wang, J.; et al. Community masks - from an emergency solution to an innovation booster for the textile industry. Chimia 2022, 76 (3), 249-254.
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Becker, M.; Zhao, W.; Pagani, F.; Schreiner, C.; Figi, R.; Dachraoui, W.; Grissa, R.; Kühnel, R. S.; Battaglia, C. Understanding the stability of NMC811 in lithium-ion batteries with water-in-salt electrolytes. ACS Appl. Energy Mater. 2022, 5 (9), 11133-11141.
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