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Publications ETH Group (Prof. J. Wang)

Latest Works

Batt, T.; Herwig, G.; Annaheim, S.; Clement, P.; Furer, L.; Hirsch, C.; Varanges, V.; Caglar, B.; Michaud, V.; Wang, J.; et al. Community masks - from an emergency solution to an innovation booster for the textile industry. Chimia 2022, 76 (3), 249-254.
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Borgschulte, A.; Billeter, E.; Cesarini, A.; Hemani, Y.; Knobloch, M.; Kraft, K.; Longo, F.; Masucci, C.; Nikolic, M.; Qu, D.; et al. Imaging the chemistry of materials kinetics. Chimia 2022, 76 (3), 192-202.
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Borgschulte, A.; Terreni, J.; Fumey, B.; Sambalova, O.; Billeter, E. Short-lived interfaces in energy materials. Front. Energy Res. 2022, 9, 784082 (13 pp.).
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Drdova, S.; Zhao, S.; Giannakou, M.; Sivaraman, D.; Guerrero-Alburquerque, N.; Bonnin, A.; Pauer, R.; Pan, Z.; Billeter, E.; Siqueira, G.; et al. Biomimetic light-driven aerogel passive pump for volatile organic pollutant removal. Adv. Sci. 2022, 2105819 (10 pp.).
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Driesen, C.; Lerch, S.; Siegenthaler, R.; Silacci, P.; Hess, H. D.; Nowack, B.; Zennegg, M. Accumulation and decontamination kinetics of PCBs and PCDD/Fs from grass silage and soil in a transgenerational cow-calf setting. Chemosphere 2022, 296, 133951 (11 pp.).
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