Printed Electronics

Printed electronics is an emerging technology to create electrical devices on various substrates using printing methods. High-throughput printing methods such as screen printing, flexography, gravure, inkjet and aerosol-jet methods can be used to deposit functional inks of conductors, insulators, semiconductors creating active or passive devices, such as thin film transistors (TFTs); capacitors; coils; resistors, memory elements. Printed electronics is expected to facilitate widespread of low-cost electronics for applications such as the Internet-of-Things (IoT), smart labels and cards, tracking tags, high-level security elements, decorative and animated posters and toys, etc.

Our Laboratory is developing materials, processes and devices including:

  • oxide-based conductors (e.g. printed ITO), insulators (e.g. Al2O3-, SiO2-based) and semiconductors (e.g. In-Ga-Zn-O) for demonstrating printed TFTs, Schottky diodes and sensors;
  • new interconnection concepts for photovoltaic modules;
  • high-resolution drop-on-demand printing methods including ink-jet and aerosol-jet printing;
  • photonic sintering of various printed structures and layers (semiconductors, conductors, dielectrics, ceramics) using flash-lamp annealing (photonic curing), deep-UV annealing (DUV), rapid-thermal processing (RTP).

Research work is taking place in the Coating Competence Center using various printing and annealing tools enabling a fast transfer our new ideas and processes from the lab into the industry.

Selected publications:
  • Evgeniia Gilshtein, Stefan Pfeiffer,, Millisecond photonic sintering of iron oxide doped alumina ceramic coatings, Sci. Rep., 2021, 3536.
  • Sami Bolat, Galo Torres Sevilla,, Synaptic transistors with aluminum oxide dielectrics enabling full audio frequency range signal processing, Sci. Rep., 2020, 16664.
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Dr. Yaroslav Romanyuk

Group Leader

Phone +41 58 765 4169