Laboratory for Thin Films and Photovoltaics

Our mission is to develop next generation of high-performance thin film solar cells, batteries and opto-electronic devices, novel functionalities and applications for affordable energy-sustainable future with the aim to provide impactful solutions for the benefits to industry and society.

The core competences of the Laboratory are:

  • High-efficiency thin film solar cells based on chalcogenide (CIGS, CdTe, CZTS) and organometal perovskite absorbers, both on rigid and flexible substrates, where the Laboratory holds several world records for highest conversion efficiencies;
  • New materials and architectures for battery technologies such as Mg- or Al-based batteries for stationary storage of electricity and all-solid-state battery with high energy and power densities;
  • Synthesis of nanocrystals using inexpensive solution growth methods, which find applications as bright luminophores or nanocrystalline electrode materials for multivalent batteries;
  • Successful technology transfer of innovations to Swiss and European industries, e.g. the proprietary CIGS photovoltaic technology has been up-scaled to a full industrial production line by Flisom AG and BTRY AG.

Laboratory for Thin Films and Photovoltaics forms a strong alliance with the group "Functional Inorganic Materials" at ETH Zürich headed by Prof. Dr. Maksym Kovalenko.



Shih-Chi Yang received SPS Award in Energy Technology by Hitachi Energy Switzerland AG for his PhD thesis.

Yaroslav Romanyuk will take over as head of the laboratory on July 1, 2023!

PhD student Andre Müller recieved Best poster award at EMRS Spring Meeting 2023, Strasbourg, May 2023.

New process boosts efficiency of bifacial CIGS thin film solar cells.

A new record of 22.2% efficiency for CIGS on flexible polymer substrate is announced, September 2022!

PhD student Shih-Chi Yang received a WCPEC Student Award at WCPEC-8, Milano, September 2022.

Ramis Hertwig won a poster award at the virtual E-MRS Spring Meeting 2022, May-June 2022.

New record - 21.4% efficiency for CIGS on flexible polymer substrate, September 2021.

PhD student Sami Bolat recieved Best poster prize at Swiss NanoConvention 2021, June 2021.

Dr. Evgeniia Gilshtein received Best image award at Swiss NanoConvention 2021, June 2021.

Transparent printed keyhole is a new security level, March 2021.

Poster award for Ramis Hertwig at the Virtual Chalcogenide PV Conference 2020, May 2020.

The Transistor out of the Printer by CCC and Lab207, September 2020.

Ceramic thin films for mini batteries, September 2020.


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