Slot Die Coating

Slot die coating is a processing technique for the deposition of homogeneous wet films. It is usually used to coat large areas or stripes with high uniformity by precise metering the ink and dispensing it at a controlled rate on the moving substrate.
Schematic of the slot die coating process

Key features

  • Coating of organic or inorganic inks on flexible or rigid substrates
  • Non-contact method
  • Coating of large-area / stripes
  • Homogeneous films with high uniformity
  • Applicable to roll-to-roll processing
  • Broad range of viscosities (from < 1 mPa⋅s to several thousand Pa⋅s)
  • Film thickness range is large (from 20 nm to approx. 150 nm)
TSE Troller Slot Die Coater