Empa Quarterly 2019

What are the hot topics in research and technology? What is Empa’s role in all of this? How are inventions from the lab turned into innovations that succeed in the market? Empa Quarterly (formerly known as EmpaNews), our magazine for research and innovation, provides answers to these questions with interviews, portraits and exciting reports from our labs.
# 65 / Juillet 2019 / Focus: Santé sur mesure

Lorsqu'il s'agit du mot médecine, peu de gens pensent aux "matériaux". Mais vous pouvez lire dans le dernier numéro d'EmpaQuarterly combien la médecine moderne dépend des matériaux innovants. Lisez le dernier numéro en ligne ou téléchargez le pdf

# 64 / Mai 2019 / Focus: Numérisation

Le numérique bouscule tous les domaines. L’Empa aide notre société à s’y adapter. Comment? Réponse dans ce cahier. Lisez le dernier numéro en ligne ou téléchargez le pdf

# 63 / January 2019 / Focus: Natural resources from Switzerland

For some time now, extremely precious raw materials have been lying dormant in our cities rather than underground. How can we mine them successfully? We could recover indium, neodymium and gold from the piles of domestic e-waste like our discarded smartphones and other gadgets. We could toughen up old buildings with memory steel for new uses. We could produce cartilage implants made of cellulose and insulating materials made of recycled paper for timber houses. We could store summer heat and use it on cold winter’s days. The latest issue of EmpaQuarterly presents some of these resource-saving approaches and the resourceful researchers behind them.