Research groups

Laboratory for Biomimetic Membranes and Textiles
Body Simulation Systems

The BSS team develops and runs the most advanced physiological measurement systems worldwide, particularly instrumented manikins. This involves also research on innovative surfaces for test apparatus with additional functions, such as heating, sweating and heat flux measurement.

The research focus of our team is the modeling of mechanical body reactions to friction, impact or exerted pressure and physiological body reactions using the thermo-physiological model coupled with manikins.

Heat and Mass Transfer

In the ‘Heat and Mass Transfer’ Group, we analyse the thermal interactions between the human body, the climate and clothing. Thanks to human-like apparatus, we simulate the human thermoregulation and study the coupled heat and mass transport through multilayer clothing combinations.

We develop new materials and systems to support the thermoregulatory functions and to improve the human performance.

Functional Membranes

This group develops polymeric and composite membranes aimed at bringing special functionalities to clothing. The key properties range from high protection combined with enhanced comfort levels to modulated drug delivery. Our expertise encompasses the synthesis and processing of stimuli-responsive polymers, surface functionalization and characterization, design and fabrication of monolithic and porous membranes by various processes (e.g. bar-coating, electrospinning, extrusion) as well as the characterization of permeation and release properties.

In parallel we are studying the interplay of mechanical and chemical factors affecting the properties of the ‘ultimate membrane’ – the human skin, using both mechanical and in-vitro skin models, in order to further advance the development of our materials.

Medical Textiles
This group focuses on the manufacture and analysis of novel materials and systems, which are worn close to the body for use in medical technology (e.g. fibers, fabrics, membranes). Our area of expertise is development, processing and integration of functional polymers, electronic and optic elements, such as sensors and optical fibers. Representative applications for our non-invasive or minimal-invasive products are found in the field of prevention, therapy, preservation and monitoring of body functions.
Biophysical Skin Modelling
Our group studies the interactions between human skin and materials and develops novel mechanical skin models, in-vitro skin models as well as theoretical models in order to realistically simulate skin. The different models are used for material development and serve as basis for the detailed characterisation of materials and surfaces on the macro- and microscopic scale. Typical projects are related to the development of new, bio-inspired materials which combine skin-friendly surfaces with special functionalities, e.g. for applications in sports and medicine.