Tutorials for the use of CEMDATA18 in GEMS

If you are a newcomer to GEMS and/or to Cemdata18, it is recommended to follow the examples and tutorials of the course on thermodynamic modelling of cement hydration, which took place in 2020 using GEMS 3.7 and introduced the new database version CEMDATA18:

  1. GEMS course introduction and cement chemistry

  2. Single calculation using hydration of C3A as an example

  3. Basic principle of process calculation

  4. Database implemented in GEMS

  5. Thermodynamic modelling of cement hydration

  6. Interaction with the environment

Downloads: Zip file "GEMS 20"

The recorded lectures on Thermodynamic modeling of cementitious systems using Gibbs Energy Minimization Software (GEMS) for Geochemical Modeling covering the tutorials are available here (English) or here (Chinese).



Tutorials for the use of CEMDATA14 in GEMS

A forth GEMS workshop took place at Empa on May 7&8, 2014 using GEMS 3.2 and introducing the new database version CEMDATA14.01. Its content is provided below.

  1. Introduction to thermodynamic modeling / structure of GEMS / feedback from exercises (Barbara Lothenbach/Frank Winnefeld - Empa)
  2. Influence of temperature on cement hydration (Barbara Lothenbach - Empa)
  3. Thermodynamic database (Barbara Lothenbach - Empa)
  4. Solid solutions (Dmitrii Kulik - PSI)
  5. Hydration modeling (Barbara Lothenbach - Empa)
  6. Relative humidity (Thomas Matschei - Holcim)
  7. Kinetics (Dmitrii Kulik - PSI)
  8. GEMSFIT: A coupled code for GEMS input data optimization (George D. Miron / ETH Zürich)
  9. Thermodynamic modeling of hydrated Portland cement – SCM systems: Implementation of hydration kinetics based on 29Si MAS NMR spectra (Wolfgang Kunther – Aarhus University)
  10. Thermodynamic modeling and ternary blends (CSA-OPC-C$) (Romain Trauchessec - Université de Lor-raine)
  11. Modeling of CaO, Al2O3, CaSO4 and CaCO3 systems (Julien Bizzozero – EPFL)
  12. Modeling of limestone and dolomite containing cements (Maciej Zajac – HTC Leimen)
  13. Glass dissolution (Ruben Snellings - EPFL)
  14. Influence of limestone on the hydration of calcium sulfoaluminate cements (Frank Winnefeld – EMPA)

Downloads: Presentations and GEMS Tutorials (Example projects) as ZIP-files

Prof. Dr. Barbara Lothenbach

Prof. Dr. Barbara Lothenbach
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