Conferences & Courses

Together with our partners we organize or co-organize a number of conferences and workshops each year on current issues.
Conferences 2018

INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP on Calcium sulfoaluminate cements - Murten, Switzerland - June 4 – 6, 2018
Online registration and Program
Organized by:  Dr. Frank Winnefeld, Empa, Dr. Barbara Lothenbach, Dübendorf, Empa, Antonio Telesca, University of Basilicata, Potenza, ITA, Milena Marroccoli, University of Basilicata, Potenza, ITA and Barbara Gleich, Empa

2nd WORKSHOP Calcium-Silicate Hydrates Containing Aluminium: C-A-S-H II - Empa, Dübendorf, Switzerland - April 23–24, 2018
Online registration and Program
Organized by:  Dr. Barbara Lothenbach, Empa, Sonya Barzgar, Empa and Barbara Gleich, Empa

Past Conferences


5th GEMS Workshop, "Thermodynamic Modeling of Cementitious Systems" Empa Dübendorf, 30 May to June 1st, 2017
Organized by: Dr. Barbara Lothenbach, Empa and Frank Winnefeld, Empa
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4th Int. Workshop "Mechanisms and Modelling of Waste / Cement Interactions"

Organized by: Erich Wieland, PSI, Urs Mäder, University of Bern, Barbara Lothenbach, Empa, Andreas Jenni, University of Bern, Ellina Bernard, Empa
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Student Presentation Awards
1st place Ellina Bernard: Effect of magnesium on the stability of C-S-H
2nd place Iuliia Androniuk: Interaction of radionuclides with C-S-H
3rd place Priscillia Laniesse: Hydration of a wollastonite-based calcium phosphate cement

Student Poster Awards
1st place Nese Cevirim: Redox chemistry and solubility of uranium
2nd place Steve Lange: Uptake and retention of radionuclides
3rd place Latina Nedyalkova: Uptake of S, Se and I in AFm-phases



Workshop: "Calcium Silicate Hydrates Containing: Aluminium: C-A-S-H", Empa Dübendorf, 5- 6 May
Organized by: Dr. Barbara Lothenbach, Empa and Axel Schöler, Empa
75 participants

4rd GEMS Workshop, "Thermodynamic Modeling of Cementitious Systems" Empa Dübendorf, 7- 8 May
Organized by: Dr. Barbara Lothenbach, Empa and Axel Schöler, Empa
65 participants


GDCH-Jahrestagung der Fachgruppe “Bauchemie”: 11.-12. Oktober 2012, Empa Akademie
Organized by: GDCh, Claudia Birkner and Empa Dr. Frank Winnefeld and Barbara Gleich
190 participants


4rd CEMNET Workshop on Blended and Alternative Cements, Empa Dübendorf, May 16
Organized by: Dr. Frank Winnefeld, Empa and Dr. Barbara Lothenbach, Empa
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3rd GEMS Workshop on Thermodynamic Modeling in Cementitious Systems, Empa Dübendorf, 28 - 29 June
Organized by: Dr. Barbara Lothenbach, Empa and Wolfgang Kunther, Empa
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International PhD-Course Reducing Early-age Cracking of Concrete Today (REACCT), Empa Dubendorf, 1-3 July

45 participants joint the international PhD course from all over the world.
Organized by: Pietro Lura, Empa, Jason Weiss, Purdue Universityand and Barbara Gleich, Empa
In cooperation with: ETH Zurich, EPFL, RILEM
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2nd GEMS Workshop on Hydration modelling, Empa Dübendorf, 18 - 19 August
20 particiapts have registered
Organized by: Barbara Lothenbach, Empa


1st GEMS Workshop on thermodynamic modelling workshop, Empa, Dübendorf, 19 - 20 November
30 particiapts have registered
Organized by: Barbara Lothenbach, Empa, University of Aberdeen and PSI

3. Cemnent Workshop: Cement research at large facilities, PSI, Villigen, 10. September
20 particiapts have registered
Organized by: PSI, Barbara Lothenbach, Empa


2. Cemnet Workshop: Cement organic interaction, Empa Dübendorf, 6. September
70 participants
organized by: Frank Winnefeld, Empa; Eawag, PSI, EPFL


International Workshop on Mechanisms and modelling of waste/cement interactions, Meiringen 8 - 12 May
85 participants
organized by: Barbara Lothenbach, Frank Winnefeld, Empa, PSI and Eawag
supported by: BUWAL, Cemsuisse, Eawag, Empa, Nagra, PSI


1. Cemnet Workshop: Porositäts Workshop, Empa, 10. April
60 participants
organized by: Josef Kaufmann and Barbara Lothenbach, Empa

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