Past News


  • Roksolana Kozak successfully defended her PhD thesis at ETH Zurich on 12 July 2018: Integration of GaAs on Si Nanostructures. Congratulations, Dr. Roksolana Kozak! PhD thesis Nr. 4 of Empa's Electron Microscopy Group.


  • Congratulations! Poster prize for Debora Keller: "Gold Nanoparticle Growth in Liquid Cell Transmission Electron Microscopy" at the conference: Microscopy Characterization of Organic-Inorganic Interfaces (London, Feb. 2018)



  • New environmental SEM: Quanta 650 FEG from Thermo Fisher Scientific

       Image result for quanta 650

    User trainings start beginning 2018.


  • Here: new website for the ERC CLUSTER project with more information about our in-situ activities.

  • FEI Titan Themis: Empa's Electron Microscopy Center goes sub-Ångström. The new FEI Titan Themis has been put into operation end of 2016. The new microscope will be used for high-resolution imaging, analytics and in-situ measurements. First liquid cell measurements of nucleation reactions have been carried out successfully.

  • Dr. Rolf Erni: ERC consolidator grant to explore the early stages of cluster formation and crystal nucleation by in-situ transmission electron microscopy. Feb 2016
  • Dr. Debora Keller: successful defence of her PhD thesis at ETH Zurich: Role of nanoscale inhomogeneities in Cu(In,Ga)Se2 thin film solar cells. Jan 26, 2016
  • Dr. Gabriele Ilari: successful defence of his PhD thesis at ETH Zurich: Electron Microscopy on Tailored CNT / 3d Transition Metal Interfaces. Sept 11, 2015