Laboratory for High Performance Ceramics


Head of Laboratory

Prof. Dr. Thomas Graule


Assistance and Support

Georgiana Schönberg
Dipl. Ing. Laura Conti
Roland Bächtold


Ceramic based composites

Dr. Gurdial Blugan


Smart ceramic processing

Dr. Frank Clemens


Nanopowders and ceramics

Dr. Michael Stuer


Ceramic electrodes and electrolytes

Dr. Artur Braun


Dr. Stefan Heinen
Dr. Heloisa Ramlow
Dr. Thamanna Thakur

PhD Students:

Maria Stosz
Dagmara Uhl


Dr. Arun Ichangi
Dr. Elham Montakhab

PhD Students:

Somashree Mondal
Christopher Bascucci


Dr. Maximilian Bailey
Dr. Marc Brunet-Cabre
Dr. Nick Goossens
Dr. Amy J. Knorpp
Dr. Isacco Mazo
Dr. Rishabh Shukla
Dr. Romain Trihan

PhD Student:

Annalena Erlacher





Dr. Alexey Rulev
Dr. Nikolay Ryzhkov





From our core research activities, we have acquired scientific and technological expertise in many powder and ceramic related fields.

We would be happy to discuss with you how our competences can meet your needs, especially in the following fields:


Teaching Activities


Dr. Johann Jakob Schwiedrzik

  • ETH Zürich 




Dr. Frank Clemens

  • ETH Zürich, Advanced Composites 
  • ETH Zürich, Adaptive Material Systems




Dr. Michael Stuer

  • EPF Lausanne, Mise en oeuvre des matériaux I (MSE 214)
    (ceramics part)
  • EPF Lausanne, Mise en oeuvre des matériaux II (MSE 215)
    (ceramics part)