Recycling Concrete

In Switzerland 68 million tons of building materials are consumed per year. 90% of it originates from primary sources. The amount of waste generated by demolition of building is about 13 million tons per year. Models indicate that this amount will increase by nearly 10% by the year 2010. Concrete and mixed rubble are a major component of such waste. The recycling of concrete and mixed rubble for the use as concrete aggregate is an important way for the concrete industry to contribute to a sustainable material flow. The volume of disposed material can be reduced and the natural resources of sand and gravel are conserved.
Beton mit Recyclingzuschlag - ästhetisch und nachhaltig

Consequently there is a great need of research regarding material properties as well as structural behavior of recycling concrete. Therefore, our research focuses on the characterization of recycled materials and the influence of the varying composition on concrete properties. Furthermore, the behavior in structures is investigated. Based on the result, potential application in structures are identified. 

Our research projects:

In these projects the characteristic properties of the recycled aggregates are investigated and their influence on the fresh and hardened concrete properties are shown as well. 

  • recycling concrete produced with recycled concrete aggregates
  • mixed rubble aggregates
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