Laboratory for Joining Technologies & Corrosion

We drive innovations in joining technologies and corrosion management by bulk, surface and interface engineering of functional materials and their assemblies in close collaboration with academia and industry.  


  •  Advanced Joining Technologies (soldering, brazing, TLP, diffusion bonding, micro- & nano-joining)
  • Corrosion Management (investigations of corrosion failures, mechanisms and prevention strategies)
  • Functional Oxide Films (tailoring microstructure-property relationships)
  • Local Electrochemistry (surface reactivity and chemical durability down to the nm-range)
  • Surface & Interface Engineering (of metals, alloys, oxide films and their coating systems)


  • Innovative R&D and high-end services to your industrial needs in the fields of corrosion management, joining technologies, electrochemistry and surface engineering
  • We are your national competence center for the assessment of corrosion failures and the development of corrosion prevention strategies.
  • Technology transfer of innovative R&D into sustainable materials, processes and technologies


We aim at fundamental knowledge and engineering know-how of reactions and phase formations at solid-solid, solid-liquid and solid-gas interfaces during fabrication, processing and subsequent operation under harsh conditions. Cutting-edge experiments are guided by multi-scale modelling to reach fundamental understanding of:

  • Reactivity and phase stability of metals, alloys, metallic coatings and surficial oxides under harsh operating conditions

  • Diffusion, wetting, nucleation, pre-melting and competing phase formation at reacting surfaces and interfaces

  • Microstructure-property relationships of thin oxide films during growth, processing and subsequent operation in reactive environments

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